Focusing on Collective Gain: Why Is It Important?

Collective gain for an organization is the most important part of their goals. An organization doesn’t really take into consideration your individual achievements if they have not been centred around the greater good of the organization that you’re working for. And more importantly, this shows how committed the organization is towards growth and that in itself is great for your own personal growth.

From competition to team initiatives, if done healthily, these make an organization thrive.

If you continue to simply focus on your own achievements and personal goals, you may be successful in creating an impressive resume, but that resume is incomplete without a good recommendation and a good image in front of the employers.

Every person has a distinct personality setup. While extroverts are great with interactions and rank high on energy while thriving in a group, introverts are instrumental in providing the necessary stability at the workplace.

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And the importance of team efforts cannot be downplayed ever. This is because the collective qualities of every unique individual bring something innovative to the table, and that is how you just ace at your projects.

It doesn’t matter how many awards or accreditations you earn at your own disposal. What really would work when your contribution is being assessed for an organization is how much you put yourself out there for ensuring that your company generates the maximum results and revenues.

And for achieving that, you have to sometimes be the underdog. So many employees tend to make it all about themselves, and that is exactly where they end up losing out on their coveted promotions.

Here’s the thing. The collective gain for an organization will always be more crucial. In a team, another person’s gifts can mask another person’s weakness, and that’s how organizations work. If it were about an individual’s performance, they wouldn’t spend so much on hiring so many people to have them work together.

And every single talent is required to navigate through the project and effectively troubleshoot because different people have different approaches for addressing a situation or a challenge.

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