The Favourite Sea foods to Try Out While in New Zealand

Among all the beautiful islands of the world, New Zealand stands in a prominent position in beauty and hospitality. The people there are so warm and treat all the foreigners with the utmost respect and show love. New Zealand is even among the world’s peaceful nations.

The scenic beauty and warm people attract tourists to New Zealand, but even the finger-licking sea foods also attract many people towards their lands. Many people from Asian and African countries come here to visit. Many older adults even get settled here and spend their retirement life.

Here are a few delicious kinds of seafood of New Zealand:

1) Crayfish :

By: Timolina on Shutterstock

The Crayfish is abundantly found on the west coast of the southern side of New Zealand. That respective arena is even regarded as the crayfish capital of the world. Many foreigners do taste it when they visit New Zealand.

Especially, this delicious cuisine is prepared with utmost care with pure dedication in the southwestern parts of New Zealand.

2) Whitebait :

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This delicious cuisine is found in the rivers of southern islands of the western coast of New Zealand. Many people may not like marine fish for its odor. But this whitebait is universally liked by all seafood lovers as it is available in the riverine waters.

3) Mt Cook Salmon :

King Salmon is abundantly found in the waters of New Zealand. Nearly half of Salmon’s production is seen from New Zealand waters annually. Most of them prefer king Salmon as it consists of omega 3s, which is good for the heart.

So if you are a seafood lover, you must try these 3 when in New Zealand. 


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