Student-Friendly Visa Amendments Coming Soon in UK

It seems like the UK is planning to revamp its immigration policy after Brexit in 2016. In next year’s budget, the UK government will ease student visa rules, making it easier for international students in the UK. If everything goes as planned, international students will be able to apply for a work visa as soon as their course ends and not after getting the graduation certificate. It is a huge relief for students planning to study in the UK.

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Amber Rudd, the home secretary, and home office have eased visa rules for students applying for postgraduate courses in Imperial College of London, and Oxford, Bath, and Cambridge universities. All this information was released in the budget report on 22 November. However, everyone is still concerned about the government’s immigration bill post-Brexit.

According to the Budget Red Book, the government plans to change immigration rules so that scientists and researchers apply for work in the UK. These talented individuals are endorsed in the UK through Tier 1 – Exceptional Talent visa, which allows settlement after three years. It reduces the pressure of hiring international scientists and researchers. More international students will be interested in completing higher studies and take up research in the UK, strengthening its research and development. Earlier it would take five years for a person on a Tier 1 visa to settle, but now the government has cut off two years

A Welcoming Approach to Students

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Recently, the UK government announced that it has doubled the student visas from 1,000 to 2,000. The UK is changing its approach towards immigration and inviting highly skilled people to join its workforce. If international students obtain the visa and are meeting the salary threshold, then they will be given the Tier 2 visa immediately. There is no doubt in saying that everyone is going to welcome the new law happily.

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