Top Things To Do For Beating Unemployment And Staying Productive

Unemployment is not a crime and certainly not a belittling demeanor on your part. Your situation largely depends on your immediate situation. And it is usually this situation that forces you to make decisions that lead to unemployment.

It is completely natural to feel uncertain and worry about the future in these circumstances. You may think no one will employ you because of your unemployed status. And you will remain unemployed because nobody will hire you.

It is perfectly normal to feel this way and find yourself in this loop. So what can you do to get out? Here’s what:

First things first. Do not panic. It is logical to scoff at this advice, but your willpower is the only thing preventing you from panicking. A panicked mind does not allow productive or positive thoughts to appear in our minds, and it becomes a sure shot way to lose yourself in self-disparage.

The dismissal of hiring unemployed but skilled individuals is passé. Many employers can overlook this gap on your resume. But there is a conditional clause in there. You should not sit idle while unemployed.

Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay/Copyright 2021

Develop yourself, acquire new skills, or update your existing ones to enter the level playing field. The more initiative you show, the more desirable you will be to the employer looking at your resume.

Your next question would, of course, be how you would do that. You can accomplish an upgrade by attending skill classes or taking up voluntary work.

If it is money you are worried about, you can also take short-term contracts. Those will propel your chances even higher because you can then get a recommendation from your temporary employer about the great work you will have done for them.

Last but not least, keep applying for open positions in your field. You had better not show the employers that you don’t need a job!

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