What makes an Effective CV?

You must have heard, “The first impression is the last one.” The proverb fits in most places, especially in the case of a job interview. What the interviewers exactly want to find in you is not some bookish knowledge. Instead, they search for the candidate who not only has the best set of skills required for the job but also out of box thinking capability.

A good CV can be used to establish a statement about your capabilities and experience and make you stand out from the rest of the candidates. A CV or resume is the first impression that you make on the interviewer.

There are certain tips to make a perfect CV. Not all CVs are good enough to impress or reveal necessary details. Here are some wonderful tips which will make you draft a perfect CV.

How to create a Perfect CV?

1. Job profile

First of all, it is important to note that a CV cannot be common for different job profiles. A company searching for a Data Analyst will search for candidates who have knowledge of Big data and Hadoop, whereas a media and advertisement company will look for candidates with interest in journalism or Media.

Hence, know the position you are applying for before drafting a CV for the same.

2. The length of the CV

It is important to include all your skill sets and qualification in the CV, but it must not exceed one and a half pages for fresher and two pages for experienced candidates.

Image by mohamed Hassan from Pixabay/Copyright 2022

3. Font and Size

Clumsy or cosmic fonts are very inappropriate for a CV. Always use fonts like Cambria at size 20 for main headings, Calibri at size 11 for the entire drafting, and Calibri at size 11 bold for subheadings.

4. Featured words

Putting featured words in a CV is very important. Featured words are the words that you want to highlight in your CV. Bold the point or skills which are very relevant to the job profile. It makes a positive impression on the interviewer.

These are the few tips that will help you draft an effective CV. Remember to be honest and don’t exaggerate your experience or qualifications.

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